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PJ's 2006 single "You're The Reason" (Right click "save as" to download)
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Give Thanks Orchestral Arrangement (Right click "save as" to download)
Based on the song "Give Thanks" from Bonkote 3, Above The Earth.  This is an orchestral arrangement of this song, by PJ Hudson and featured in the animation "The GodMan" Peninsular Asian Version (Reach The Children Foundation/ CBN Siam). 

School of Worship Series (2004-2007)
These 4 albums are songs written by the students of the school of Worship, YWAM Thailand during their study as a weekly assignment in the school.  Produced by Paul and Yam Hudson (directors/founders of the school of worship, Thailand), with each lead vocal sung by the students themselves. These songs show the variety of cultures and languages of those who have come to our international school.  These 36 songs were arranged by PJ Hudson during the last few weeks of the school, in a variety of styles and sounds. 

                                                                            Track     Author      Title                                          Language

School of Worship 2004 "8 from 8 Forever"  (click here to download full album zip) 
01                 Shine           Alpha Omega                                      Thai
02                 Sarah          You Were There                                  English
03                 Tan              Royal Priesthood                                Thai
04                 Hyunilo       Revelation 14:6-7                              Rengma
05                 Somphon   Lord, You are my sunshine              English
06                 Prin             Righteous path                                    Thai
07                 Pon             Armor of God                                       Thai
          Anne           You're the Alpha & Omega              English







School of Worship 2005 "The Fragrance of Christ to the Nations"  (click here to download full album zip)
01                Jared           Show me                                              English
02                Phet             God has called me                             Thai
03                Blessing      Alpha Omega                                      Tamil
04                Gift               O Lord, You're powerful                   Thai
05                Kilang          Ephesians 6                                          Ao
06                Ashley         Real                                                       English
07                Christina     One thing I desire                             Mizo
08                Honda          Let us come                                        Thai
09                Big                You've called me                               Thai
10                Jong Hee    May the words                                    Korean
11                Gan              Always                                                  Thai
12                Tuy               Proclaim His name                            Thai
13                Adrian         Reach                                                   English






School of Worship 2006 "The River of Life and Healing "  (click here to download full album zip)
01               Lamyai         I am thirsty                                        Thai
02               Wanida       Untitled                                                 Lahu
03               Katang     
 Untitled                                                 Lotha
04               Tom             God is faithful                                      Thai
05               Venuh         Untitled                                                 Chakhesang

06               Min Young  Untitled                                                 Korean
07               Aathit         Beginning and end                             Thai
08               Tiatoshi       Untitled                                                Ao
09              Nu                 Before the universe                          Thai
10               Apelhu        Untitled                                                Angami
11              Noah             Strong tree                                         English
12              Chris             Armor of God                                      Hindi





School of Worship 2007 "Live in Christ's Love, Bless With Your Life "
01            Boom             I give thanks                                       Thai
02            Pooh               Who is the Alpha-Omega                Thai
03            Tae                  I bow down                                         Thai


"As we worship God, we are communicating in our spirit to God, and as we praise the name of God, we are proclaiming to the people who He is, so that His name will be known in every nation. Let God be known through every aspect of our lives.AMEN!"
(Bongkote Hudson

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